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Tips for Placement of Flower Boxes

Flower boxes will do best in a sunny location or a location that receives bright sunlight for a good part of the day. There are some wonderful shade plantings that can also be used. See our Garden Recipes section for more ideas on plantings.

If you're using your box as flower box planter instead, you can place them on fences, decks, railings or balconies -- anywhere you want to create miniature pocket gardens to add color, fragrance and texture to your home. For more placement ideas, visit our Photo Galleries page and see how other customers have used our product.

Wherever you decide to place your flower boxes, choosing the correct hanging hardware is essential. We have specially designed hardware that's been custom made to fit only our boxes. View the hardware section of our Web site to determine which hanging hardware will work best for your project!

Painting your flower boxes

Flower Framers™ boxes come in a classic white finish. However, you might prefer to add a splash of color to accent the trim of your home or create a faux finish to look like stone or natural surfaces. We recommend using a high-quality exterior latex paint, such as Sherwin Williams. Wipe your flower box clean with a solution of mild detergent in warm water. Add a latex primer as your first coat. Then, finish off with two coats of your chosen exterior color.

Choosing the correct size & style flower boxes

We have been in the window box business for nearly ten years and seen all types of applications on various style homes. There are some basic rules we follow when discussing window boxes with our customers:

1. Window boxes look better and more balanced when they're a little wider than the actual window itself. You can purchase a box the exact width of the window and it will still look fine. But if you have shutters, measure from the left mid-shutter to the right mid-shutter (or at least 3" inches past the window on each side) for the best look. Our boxes come in lengths from 2-15 feet and we can custom cut any size. Visit the Lots of Window Boxes section of our Web site to see actual photos of these applications.

2. The style of a window box should match the architectural integrity of your home. With the idea of many different style homes in mind, our window box design will enhance the look of almost any home. Flower Framers™ window boxes are designed with a classic style.

Planting tips for flower boxes

Flowerboxes, being long and narrow, cause some gardeners to make the mistake of planting a single subject and setting the plants in a row. Try to avoid doing this because it looks too regimented and unimaginative. Aim for more shape in the design by using a mixture of plants in a zigzag pattern, varying in sizes and texture.

Here's a simple diagram for flowerboxes that can be used effectively with the right size and shape of plants mixed together. Notice the plants are set in a zigzag type pattern which will grow into a bountiful, lush look:

Go for a layered design like the diagram above: use the tallest plants in the back, with the shorter and bushy plants along the middle rows. The front of the flower box should be planted with trailers to give your box that overflowing effect that is quite gorgeous.

Keep in mind the weather patterns where you garden as well. If the area your box is placed is prone to wind, it’s best to avoid long trailing plants (such as ivies) because they'll be lashed around and damaged. In this case, go for sturdy, bushy plants or moderate trailers.

Don't be afraid to have some fun with your designs. If something doesn't look right or work, pull it out and try something different -- now or next season. Here at Flower Framers, we love the bountiful, lush flowerboxes look and guide all of our customers to use this style because it's our favorite. It always makes your home stand out and gets the most compliments. Plus, we've made it easy for you to do. Simply go to the Garden Recipes section of our site and give one of our tried and true planting designs a try.

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